We’re focused on water
We’re focused on water image

We’re focused on water

Benugo is really focused on water this year.  Water-scarcity is a huge, ongoing problem for one third of the world, particularly coffee-growing communities.

And it’s usually women and their daughters who have to collect the water for the family every day. This can take up to eight hours as wells can be as much as 15km away. This daily trek has many knock on effects, such as children not attending school. And it can lead to health problems as the average weight carried every day is 20kg. That’s twice the weight of the average carry-on luggage bag for most airlines.

We want to give back to these coffee growing communities and we have had a few different projects this year to make a significant impact.

You can find Life Water in all of our sites, a great product that donates a percentage for each bottle sold to the charity Drop 4 Drop. With your help, we have already paid for seven bore water well projects in India, bringing clean water to over 7,000 people in these communities.

We also participated in this year’s UK Coffee Week and The London Coffee Festival. These support the Allegra Foundation initiative, Project Waterfall.

UK Coffee Week was from May 4th-10th. We decided to give 5p per cup of coffee sold that week across our entire business (high street, museums, public spaces and restaurants) to  Project Waterfall. We raised £5970, which ensures clean water and sanitation will reach 398 people.

So a big thank you to all of our customers, without you this would not be possible.