Benugo Barista Competition
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Benugo Barista Competition

If you haven’t heard already. This year we’re hosting a Benugo Barista competition to give baristas a chance to show off their top skills! Twenty-four baristas have been selected by our Coffee Specialists to participate in the Benugo Barista Open Days and the Benugo Barista Heats. Only six participants will make it to the final.

First Place: A trip to Italy to visit La Marzocco;

Second place: A trip to Dublin to visit a roastery

Third Place: A trip to the North of England to visit the Grumpy Mule

Come and support your colleagues for the heats and see all the amazing talent of Benugo baristas!

First open-day: 1pm  30th September 2015 Learning Centre

Second open-day: 1pm 8th October 2015 Learning Centre

Third open-day: 1pm 13th October 2015 Learning Centre

First heat: 1pm 20th October 2015 Learning Centre

Second heat: 1pm  22nd October 2015 Learning Centre

Third heat: 1pm  23rd October 2015 Learnig Centre

Final: 1pm 30th October 2015 La Marzocco