What we do about bread
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What we do about bread

We make a lot of sandwiches, so our bread is really important to us.

And we have devoted a lot of our time to tasting and trialling many different breads – as well as listening to the views of our customers. Even the most simple sandwich can be transformed with the right bread so we do our very best to get it just right.

As with all our products, we try and source our breads as locally as we can and where possible, from the UK. We met the guys from Brown Sugar Bakery in Oxfordshire some time ago and we just love what they do. We buy all our bread from them because it’s all made from local wheat. And delicious.

All the wheat used in all of our bread comes from the UK, and mostly from the fields in-and-around Oxfordshire. After harvesting, the wheat is taken to Clarks of Wantage, just twenty miles from the Brown Sugar Bakery, where it’s milled using age-old techniques. Traditional milling gives the bread that special something, especially when it comes to taste and texture.

When the flour arrives at the bakery, it’s transformed into a sour-dough starter and then taken through the classic processes such as retarding (the controlled and extended fermentation process). Sours give body and flavour and are above all a natural rising agent. We think sour-dough tastes best and allows the ingredients in the sandwiches to shine.

Bread is the basis of any great sandwich. And we’re delighted to have found bakers who think it’s as important as we do.