New Boost Shots
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New Boost Shots

Drumroll… Introducing Boost Shots! These three miniature flavour heroes boast big benefits for the health nut in a hurry. Start your morning with a smooth boost of daily essential vitamins or survive the afternoon slump with a kick of immune-boosting ingredients.

Avocado, spinach and lime

Take care of your ticker with this lean, green heart-healthy machine. Avocado lowers cholesterol and delivers essential fatty acids to support a healthy heart. Zesty lime gives this smooth treat a clean finish.

Ginger, lemon and honey

Go with your gut by downing this digestive defender. Ginger soothes the tummy while alkalising lemon kick-starts digestion and packs a vitamin C punch. Honey naturally boosts the immune system and lends a sweet finish to this zippy drink.

Beetroot, ginger and lemon

De-stress and detoxify with blood-pressure reducing beetroot. Lemon and ginger flush out toxins and boost digestion while beetroot works to detoxify the liver and get your blood flowing.