Porridge image


Winter mornings have you reaching for the snooze button? Start your day with a piping hot breakfast that will fill you up and keep you energised all morning long. Introducing our three new porridges, packed with delicious flavours and always made with organic British milk.  You can even add creamy coconut yoghurt to yours for only 50p. Suddenly, winter wake-ups don’t seem so bleak after all.

Blueberry, coconut milk and salted almonds

Sweet and savoury. This dairy free option uses coconut milk in five grain porridge for a hearty morning meal without the moo. Sweet blueberry and lemon compote and a savoury roast almond topping offer balanced flavours with satisfying crunch.

Banana, cinnamon and cacao

Dessert for breakfast. Sliced bananas, comforting cinnamon, sweet date syrup and crunchy cacao nibs turn these jumbo oats into a real sweet treat to start the day.

Blackberry, apple and roast hazelnut

Feeling fancy. Topped with juicy blackberries, sliced Bramley apples and roasted hazelnuts, these jumbo oats in organic British milk bring a bit of breakfast luxury to the high street.