The story behind our logo
The story behind our logo image

The story behind our logo

Those of you who are long-term customers will have noticed that over the past couple of years we’ve changed our branding, updated packaging and refitted all our high street stores.

Our original logo had been in place since we first opened in Clerkenwell in over 17 years ago. It was clear that although it had served us well, it looked dated and wasn’t recognisable on the high street. We understood that as a company we had to be seen as more than simply a logo - we needed a complete visual identity that people would recognise without even seeing our logo.

The logo was borne out of our strong desire to keep the iconic cup which we’ve had since our inception and the need to be more visually striking to compete in the busy high street marketplace. We’re a brand that appreciates great design and it was time we paid a bit of attention to our own brand to make sure it was reflecting where the business was going.

The new brand built on our heritage and communicates the independent spirit that is still very much at the heart of our business. Of course we did get a new logo too -it sits within a black roundel just like the original, which first appeared on the corner of St John’s Street in 1998.

For us here at Benugo, our new brand is a vital part of expressing who we are. Much more than just the hanging sign outside our shops, it’s a marque of quality on everything we produce.