We couldn’t find cakes that we liked...
We couldn’t find cakes that we liked... image

We couldn’t find cakes that we liked...

What do you do when you can’t find perfect cakes? Simple. You create your own bakery.

We spent a long time looking for commercially baked goods that would meet our own exacting standards. But we decided in June, 2011 that what we really needed was our own bakery, which we established in South London.

We couldn’t find cakes that we liked, so we decided to bake our own. And to this day, it exclusively supplies all of our stores within London and all the way up to Skara Brae in the beautiful Orkney Islands of Scotland.

Our bakers make everything by hand, from our muffins for the high street to the tarts and patisseries served in museums and restaurants. We never, ever use industrial-style premixes and we source all of our flour directly from a family miller in Oxfordshire, who use milling techniques which have remained unchanged for generations.

Our head baker works closely with our product development manager in a continuous process of improvement and there are always new techniques and ingredients to try each time we update our menus – or come up with special treats for high days and holidays.

We are very proud of our bakery and our team. They have gone from strength-to-strength and continue to supply Benugo with innovative sweet-treats that make the very best of seasonal ingredients.

Last year alone, we served just over three million baked confections. So we are pretty confident that you think they are delicious too!

Your best loved item was actually an old family favourite, Ben’s mum’s Lemon Drizzle Cake.

And since you guys like it so much, we thought we would share the recipe with you here; - enjoy!