Weekly Combination Specials
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Weekly Combination Specials

We have brought back some of our favourite combination specials from over the years and added a few twists! Simple, quality ingredients inspire these classic flavours.

With a focus on developing some new breads from our artisan bakery, look out for the Superseed ciabatta that pairs perfectly with creamy goats cheese, grilled vegetables and a touch of sweetness from the red onion marmalade to bring us the Goatsherd.

The kalamata olive ciabatta really helps to elevate a classic Italian Chicken pesto build into something truly special with the British Chicken, Grilled Vegetable & Kalamata.

Then there’s the Reuben, another classic, peppered Shaved pastrami with thousand island sauce, melted gruyere cheese, sauerkraut and finished with a generous kick of Dijon mustard on our now famous dark rye bloomer bread.

Lastly, we have British Chicken and Speck (posh smoked prosciutto), with slow roast tomatoes that really help to cut through with a touch of sweetness and sharpness, with peppery rocket and punchy dijon mayo, a beautifully delicate combination of flavours.

Try a different one each week and look out for more in the near future.

Want to see your favourite sandwich in our shops, lets us know your personal favourite classics or perhaps ingredients combinations and who knows!  Tweet us @Benugo or tag us on Instagram @Benugouk.