Gladiator games at the Museum of London
Gladiator games at the Museum of London image

Gladiator games at the Museum of London

From Saturday 8th to Sunday 16th August, Museum of London are bringing Londinium’s (Roman London's) only Roman amphitheatre back to life this summer!

Gladiators were specialised fighters. In many cases they were captured soldiers or criminals sold on the open market as performers in the games. Sometimes, they’d achieve fame for their success and were as praised as heroic entertainers in the Roman Empire. In all cases gladiators put their lives at risk to entertain the crowds, and most importantly the Emperor.  

The Museum of London are taking us back to these times, re-enacting the thrills, tensions and clashes of the Gladiator Games made famous by the Romans. Before the show even begins you can imagine the scenes by walking through the pre-games entertainment of the old streets of London in Guildhall Yard. The original amphitheatre is visible right beneath the pavement so it really helps to bring the Games to life.

The live action follows complete with Emperor, Gladiators clashing and the crowds are asked to pick a side and can select with their roars which warrior goes free.

Book your tickets here for what is sure to be an unmissable event. If you’re feeling peckish and thirsty after all that cheering head over to London Wall Bar & Kitchen for some refreshments!

Image © Museum of London