Shoes: Pleasure & Pain at the V&A
Shoes: Pleasure & Pain at the V&A image

Shoes: Pleasure & Pain at the V&A

The V&A’s Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibition will be strutting its stuff from 13th June 2015- 31 January 2016. This is one of the most awaited exhibitions with over 200 shoes being displayed from across the globe. You will get to see elaborate, delicate designs from as far back as Ancient Egypt, right up to contemporary, technical footwear of the modern day. This will all be laid out under the three intriguing sections: Transformation, Status and Seduction.

To give a taster, the collection holds the infamous Vivienne Westwood platforms that even Naomi Campbell couldn’t walk in at Paris Fashion Week 1993 right through to painful foot binding shoes of the 19th Century. The exhibition Shoes: Pleasure and Pain is taken from the fact that shoes are not always in the perfect foot shape.

Whether you have thousands of shoes falling out of your wardrobe or you're intrigued in the history of shoes in either a practical or fashion sense over time and across cultures, you will definitely love this exhibition and appreciate the art of shoe making.

For this fabulous event, we will have limited edition, chocolate sponge and salted caramel shoe cupcakes in the café. Pair them up with a glass of Prosecco and it will be the perfect day out.