Sicilian Menu at British Museum
Sicilian Menu at British Museum image

Sicilian Menu at British Museum

In light of the new exhibition Sicily: culture and conquest at the British Museum, the Great Court Restaurant is now offering a Sicilian menu.

The inspiration of the Sicilian menu came from the simplicity of their cuisine but also the combination and assimilation of many Mediterranean cultures and cooking techniques from Greek, Arabic and Spanish cuisines. Another element is the beautiful range of vegetables, fruits and spices available because of their perfect climate.

The simplicity is seen in our dishes like the Zuppa dell’Orto, and the Arancini. These would have been considered almost a peasant dish in Sicily but are now loved for their rich flavour.

Obviously seafood is a major part of this Mediterranean island’s cuisine and we have chosen calamari and swordfish as these are always a favourite. The Chicken Agro Dolce combines sweet and sour flavours which is very much a trait of Arabic dishes.

We couldn’t have excluded a pasta dish so we felt pasta Norma was the perfect choice with the simple but tasty ingredients; aubergine, tomato and basil.

Again with Arabic influences, we wanted to utilise pistachio, honey and spice for the dessert menu. And of course citrus fruit like blood oranges that are widely available and often found in Sicilian cuisine