We only use organic milk on the high street.

We love every cup of coffee – whether it’s espresso, latte, flat white or macchiato. So sourcing the right beans is very important to us. But is not just about the beans. We also need great quality milk.

We found a great, independent, 3rd generation-owned diary to work with and we’ve never looked back! We source all of our milk from Cotteswold Diary, where they work closely with about 40 other local farmers within a 30 mile radius to supply all of the raw milk. All of the farms are in and around the Tewksbury area, between Gloucester and Worcester. Classic English farming country.

All of our milk is produced under the Red Tractor Scheme. This is the quality-mark that covers everything from production and hygiene standards to health and safety on the farm, animal welfare and environmental impact. Red Tractor also allows us to trace the product back to independently inspected farms in the UK. Cotteswold Dairy also ensures all their farmers are members of the National Dairy Farm Assured Scheme. This scheme adds on extra standards to ensure that herds are healthy and well-cared for.

Yes, the beans are important. But your latte or flat white wouldn’t taste the same without the very highest quality, organic milk.