Benugo Sustainability


Benugo is committed to being as sustainable as we possibly can across all aspects of our business. We’re striving to make better choices in everything we do and are constantly updating our policies in line with this.

Carbon Labelling

We need a sustainable food system in order to combat climate change and improve our
health and that of the planet. By 2050, an estimated 10 billion people will live on Earth. For the sake of our planet, the recommendation is that the food that we each eat produces no more than the equivalent of 2.3 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions a day.

There is a lot of discussion about what sustainable eating looks like. It can make choosing what we eat confusing, since it can be hard to understand what is both healthy for us and good for the planet.

The carbon and water labelling on our menu shows the impact your food choices have on our environment. That said, we can only do our best — it is our eating habits over time that will help save the planet.

What do the labels mean:

  • A – Super climate-friendly choice — you are saving the planet!
  • B – Woohoo, the planet will thank you!
  • C – Good sustainable effort. Go you!
  • D – Yum! Balance is key, try to make sure you are getting your grains, fruit and vegetables in.
  • E – Everyone deserves a treat, so enjoy! Just aim for moderation.

There are many ways to eat to support our planet, including:

  • Choosing seasonal and local foods
  • Eating more plant-based meals
  • Being mindful of portion sizes
  • Minimising food waste
  • Shopping smart: always have a list prepared
  • Trying to choose products with minimal packaging

Learn how we can all work together to make our food more sustainable here

The Counter at the John Lewis Oxford Street Benugo

Carbon neutral coffee

We sell a lot of coffee at Benugo, it’s what we’re famous for.

Our coffee was already a very sustainable product – not air freighted, Rainforest Alliance Certified and we have a direct relationship with all our farmers and cooperatives. But we wanted to do more. So we partnered with Climate Partner, who carried out an exhaustive life-cycle analysis of our entire category of hot drinks, focusing on our coffee beans but also including all associated products such as milks and packaging.

They calculated the carbon cost of each cup of coffee, which we share with our customers, allowing them to make informed choices and reduce the carbon impact of what they’ve bought. Easily done with a simple swap of dairy to oat milk.

This carbon cost is fully offset into Gold Standard certified nature-based sequestration projects. This means that meaning that every coffee sold in Benugo is carbon neutral. So not only does it taste good, it is good. Find out more.

Benugo Carbon neutral coffee

Infinitely reusable water bottles

We wanted to give our customers a more sustainable choice in the water that they buy from us and to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic in circulation.

The obvious answer was to launch our range of still and sparkling infinitely reusable water bottles. They are endlessly refillable and made from 100% recycled aluminium. Refilling them just 10 times avoids 170g of plastic waste and 790g of CO2 emissions.

These beautifully branded bottles take pride of place in our fridges across all Benugo locations and have become a firm favourite with our customers.

Benugo Infinitely reusable water bottles


Working with Turner Prize finalists Cooking Sections, we’ve developed imaginative menus in a long-term project which will see dishes using ingredients that help regenerate the planet. The Becoming CLIMAVORE project uses ingredients that have a positive effect on ecology and do good like seaweeds and mussels and regenerative grains.

Mussels and chips at The Magazine

Read more about Benugo’s commitment to sustainability here.