Our award-winning, carbon-neutral coffee is a unique blend from Brazil, Central America and Vietnam. Excellent coffee is part of Benugo’s DNA.

Our coffee is carbon neutral

We’ve worked with Climate Partner to calculate the carbon cost of our coffee, allowing you to make an informed choice and reduce the carbon impact of your purchase through simple swaps like dairy milk to oat. This carbon cost has been fully offset into external certified nature-based sequestration projects, meaning that every coffee and hot chocolate sold in Benugo is carbon neutral. Find out more information here.

Better coffee comes in a black cup

We have direct trade relationships with all our farmers and cooperatives. We’ve also thought about the complete supply chain in our coffee, always aiming to minimise environmental impact. Our coffee is 100% Rainforest Alliance accredited and we track exactly what impact our farmers make and what their conservation efforts achieve. Our beans arrive into the roastery directly by rail. After roasting they are taken to distribution using hybrid vehicles. When our beans are packed and sent on-site we use unique pillow bags made from used sugarcane with no aluminium foil. These bags also allow us to utilise whole pallets for delivery, so we’re not shipping empty space to our shops.

Benugo Coffee

Full-bodied flavour

We’re very proud of how sustainable our coffee is, and we’re just as proud of how it tastes. Our Benugo blend carries a full-bodied flavour that works equally well as an intense espresso hit as it does in a mild and smooth latte.

Benugo Coffee

Baristas not button pushers

We have our own in-house coffee team, made up of qualified baristas. They work tirelessly to train the business, checking our standards and developing innovative and exciting drinks for every season.

Benugo Baristas