At Benugo we maintain the very highest standards in food sourcing, purchasing and supply.

We ensure that we operate to the highest ethical standards in relation to environmental sustainability, organic options, healthy eating and waste reduction and recycling. Specifically we ensure that all our locations:

  • Use British and Irish milk only
  • Use British and Irish meats when practical and in season*
  • Use free-range eggs throughou all of our products
  • Use fish from sustainable sources only (MCS Grade 3 or lower)
  • Reduce food miles as much as possible through combined distribution and deliveries
  • Use fully recyclable packaging and reduce or recycle all waste including food waste wherever practical
  • Audit all our sites to ensure they maintain the highest standards of sustainable food use and waste reduction
  • As well as our own sites, we ensure that all our suppliers also adhere to these standards and audit them against the same criteria
  • We design all our foods and menus throughout the business in line with our existing healthier catering commitment accreditations

Benugo is part of the WSH group of companies. WSH have the same high standards as Benugo and ensure that all the companies in the group operate ethically. The WSH group gives all the companies, including Benugo, a large amount of buying power and influence on our suppliers. This means that we can ensure our high standards are secured in the supply chain and are achieved in an efficient and cost effective manner.

From time to time our sites, or our company is approached by an accreditation body. These bodies are numerous and offer various different approaches to attaining sustainable sourcing and food use. At Benugo we firmly believe that our own standards go above and beyond those of most of these accreditation schemes. As such we have taken a decision to avoid any unnecessary accreditation. This avoids possible confusion as to their worth. Furthermore it reduces the risk of diluting our own very high standards.

Benugo would like to assure all our clients and customers that the Benugo name is our own guarantee of the highest standards in sourcing, purchasing and sustainability.