We’ve collaborated with Climate Partner to discover the carbon footprint of every hot drink we serve at Benugo. This is to help you make an informed choice about the impact your favourite drink has on the planet, giving you the chance to swap for a less impactful cup.

We’ve calculated the whole carbon footprint from the raw ingredients and their transport right up to the different milks we add, the grinding itself and the takeaway cup

Using this information, we’re offsetting all carbon emissions through verified carbon avoidance, reduction and removal projects, for example by supporting Climate Partner in planting more than a million bamboo plants in Nicaragua.

But we know that offsetting isn’t the whole solution; we’ve made real efforts to decarbonise our supply chain, going one step further than carbon neutrality.

To make our coffee as planet-friendly as possible, our Benugo Espresso blend is brewed with beans that are 100% Rainforest Alliance certified.