Buying a bottle of Life Water at Benugo not only quenches your thirst but helps make a positive impact to thousands of people across the world.

We have worked with the fantastic Drop4Drop since 2011. Their concept is simple: Clean Water For All.

Purchases of Life Water across our Benugo locations in England and Wales contribute to sponsoring the building of wells in India, The Gambia and Uganda.

Since the start of our partnership with Drop4Drop, we have funded 65 clean water projects, providing 52,127 people with access to clean water meaning they have a better chance for a brighter future. 2023 saw us sponsor 6 projects – and we are delighted to continue this important work with such a great charity.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a bottle of Life Water from Benugo over the years! Such a simple action with a wonderful outcome.

Read about our sponsored projects here.