Movies, free events, DJ nights, fun family workshops. SO much to explore and in the words of the BFI team, ‘everyone is invited’.

Check out the calendar rundown here and book your free tickets. (Don’t worry if you think you haven’t booked in time, join the rush queue on the day, for a chance to snap up any empty seats, when the event is due to start.)

As always, we have plenty to keep you hydrated and well-fed across the course of the festival. BFI Riverfront on the river side has the tastiest menu, including pizzas made in our open kitchen for our guests to see. BFI Bar has a more relaxed vibe, with lounge areas, a bar and even a hidden Drawing Room.

If you’re coming to see a film, we look forward to welcoming you for a pre-drink, post-pizza or whatever you fancy, while you take in the whole experience.