To help you make a planet-friendly choice, we’ve introduced carbon labelling for the food we make in our high street cafés, selected public spaces and John Lewis.

For the sake of our planet, it is recommended that the food we eat produces no more than the equivalent of 2.3 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions a day.

With detailed calculations from the production of our ingredients, to processing, transportation and packaging, the entire carbon cost of each sandwich, salad and cake we make is scientifically analysed by Nutritics to give everything we offer a rating from A-E, with the labels meaning:

  • A – Super climate-friendly choice — you are saving the planet!
  • B – Woohoo, the planet will thank you!
  • C – Good sustainable effort. Go you!
  • D – Yum! Balance is key, try to make sure you are getting your grains, fruit and vegetables in.
  • E – Everyone deserves a treat, so enjoy! Just aim for moderation.

You can learn more about our commitment to sustainability here and find carbon labelling of our food in the following locations: